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New Liberty Apostolic Faith Church has been leaving its mark on the citizens of Detroit. Through its outreach efforts, under the direction of Pastor J.O. Rasul, New Liberty Apostolic Faith Church has been diligently serving its local community and standing as a beacon of hope in troubling times. Pastor Rasul has a great vision for our neighborhoods and for the City of Detroit and is working continuously to those ends.

  • Our food pantry ministry, in partnership with Gleaners Community Foodbank, provides fresh foods to local citizens.
  • Our annual 'Back To School' services capstones with providing free, new, school supplies, which include
    backpacks, pencils, notebooks and other assorted supplies, to children returning to school.
  • Our annual ‘Gift of Giving’ project provides new clothes, toys, and assorted items to the local
    community and additional locations through our partnership with groups such as The Salvation Army
    and Detroit Rescue Mission Genesis Houses.
  • Hundreds of new toys are provided and distributed to children in need along with free food, during our annual 'Christmas Gala'.

With 'Love and Kindness’ we address the needs of the homeless, displaced families, teen moms and
their children, those in rehabilitation from substance abuse and etc.

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding donations, partnership and our Outreach Efforts.



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